2019 Kentucky Derby & Oaks
Kentucky Derby & Oaks

How To Watch Kentucky Derby 2019 Live Stream Online Channels & TV Schedule

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When talking about 2019 Kentucky Derby & Oaks it basically refers to a horse race that’s presented by Wood-ford Reserve and importantly held yearly in Louisville, Kentucky, United States. Additionally, the derby is usually held on the first Saturday of May, taking a couple of weeks and it’s normally referred as Kentucky Derby Festival. The race takes place in Churchill Downs which is the most famous racetrack for hosting Kentucky Derby. Some of the horses that involve race include geldings, Thoroughbreds, fillies, and Colts. The fillies carry approximately 55 kilograms (121 Pounds), gelding and Colts carry 57 kilograms (126 Pounds) and Thoroughbreds cover a distance of about 2km (1.4 miles). Moreover, the game is commonly referred as “The Most Exciting Two Minutes Sport” which basically as a result of its duration. Other people in the United States also refer it as “The Fastest Two Minute in Sport” or “Run for the Roses”. Interestingly, unlike many other horse races in the United States, Kentucky Derby has actually been run in each consecutive year since the year 1875. Furthermore, the Kentucky Derby is the initial leg for the American Triple Crown, which is then followed by Preakness Stakes and finally Belmont Stakes. For a horse to win the Triple Crown it must essentially win all the three matches. On that note in the following discussion we are going to look at when, where and how to stream 2019 Kentucky Derby & Oaks.

2019 Kentucky Derby & Oaks
2019 Kentucky Derby & Oaks


Kentucky Derby 2019
Date: May 4, 2019
Start Time 6.34 PM. ET
TV Coverage: NBC Sports Network
Live Stream Watch Here
Location: Churchill Downs, Louisville, Kentucky, United States


Where and when is Kentucky Derby 2019?

Annually, the Kentucky Derby race takes place on Churchill Downs Louisville, Kentucky, United States. In 2019, the run for the roses is supposed to take place on May 4th which will actually be the first Saturday of the month at 6.34 PM ET. All the preparations for the 2019 Kentucky Derby commenced on the September of 2018 and the entire event will culminate in April 2019.

What time is the Kentucky Derby?

Kentucky Derby keeps on fluctuating in terms of time and the 2019 one is most likely to at a later time than scheduled. According to the information provided in their online platform, the gates are actually supposed to be open by 6.46 pm Louisville time on the 5th of May. This is basically about 3.46p. Los Angeles time. However, there are some other things that have to happen to lead to the delay of the match.

For instance, at 5. 08 pm (Louisville time) the national anthem is supposed to be sung by Harry Connick Jr. Moreover, at about 6.05 pm, the horses will then commence their long walk from the barns to the paddock. Given the weather in the place, expect very interesting suits from the horses with mud on them.

At about 6.31 pm, the riders up will be called upon. This is essentially the time when the jockeys are got on their respective horses. After a minute or so, the singing for “My Old Kentucky Home” will be done in preparation for the commencement of the game. In no time, the jogging around will start and it primarily what is known as the run for the roses.

Time Date Events Live Stream
11AM ET May 1 Post Position Draw Facebook/Twitter
TBA May 1 Champions Day TBA
4-6: 30 PM ET May 2 Thurby NBCSN
12-6: 20 PM ET May 3 Kentucky Oaks 144 NBCSN
12-2: 30 PM ET May 4 Kentucky Derby Undercard NBCSN
2:30-7: 20 PM ET May 4 Kentucky Derby 144 NBCSN

Where can I get the Kentucky Derby 2019 Ticket packages?

This can actually be done at derbyexeprience.com. In a nutshell, derbyexperience.com is the only official partner with Churchill Downs. Importantly, the platform guarantees you that your Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks tickets are packaged with exceptional extras together with a trackside. These are actually unique ticketing services that you cannot get anywhere else.

At the website, you majorly required to select and importantly do a comparison for you 2019 Kentucky Derby ticket using the interactive seating, price range or better still you can create your own ultimate party experience using the provided package button.

How to Watch Kentucky Derby Live Online?

Are you worried about watching the Kentucky Derby? Are you looking for options to watch the most exciting two minutes sport from your house? If yes, then worry no more. In the following discussion, we are going to offer you with sufficient details on channels to watch and importantly online platforms to live stream.

On Cable

According to the United States Television regulation, all the rights to show Kentucky Derby are guaranteed to NBC Sports Network in the United States. You can just check out the every detail about the race on their official website so that you get every detail you need in order to watch the game comfortably from your home

NBC Sports Live Coverage

For all the online live streamers, never be afraid, the Kentucky Derby will be covered live in NBC Sports which will actually commence on 2.30pm ET on the Saturday on NBC. The broadcast will start from May 3 to 5. All the fans can catch the most exciting two minutes sports in a spectacular high definition through NBC Sports Live Extra online whose link is NBCSports.com/LiveExtra. Additionally, you can also stream the game using the live app which is always available in Windows Store, iTunes App Store, Roku channel store, Google Play, Amazon Fire and importantly Apple TV.

Kentucky Derby 2019 Schedule on NBC Sports is as follows:

Date: Time Channel
May 2, 2019 6.30 PM.ET NBCSN
May3, 2019 6.20 PM. ET NBCSN
May 4, 2019 2.30 PM. ET NBCSN
May 4, 2019 7.20 PM. ET NBC

In nutshell, every Kentucky Derby event will be taking live on either NBC or NBCSN which are primarily some of the major sports channels for NBC Sports Network. Importantly, you can start streaming the channels from home at their official website without any fee. However, you must first sign in at the website using a password and your email ID. The password is to allow you use Telco TV provider, cable or satellite.

Media streaming services

Fubo TV

Fubo TV is one platform known for its multiple sports channels. From NBA, NFL, College Basketball, NHL, Rugby, Golf to NASCAR. Importantly, the highly rated channels such as NBC, History, USA, and Fox are all part of Fubo TV. With as minimum as $19.99 you are able to watch your Kentucky Derby by recording it using Cloud- DVR. For the first month, you will get a 7-days free trial period.

Sling TV

When talking about one of the cheapest and top used OTT streaming service in the US, it basically refers to sling TV. Sling TV comes in two options- sling blue and sling orange. The two cost $25 and $20 respectively. However, when combined they cost $40 which is relatively cheaper. Importantly, sling TV provides more than 75 channel. With the channels you can watch live Kentucky Derby on NBC Sports on Air TV, Amazon Fire TV and or any other channel.

Twinspires TV

Through Twinspires TV and Twinspires.com, fans are also able to watch and wager on the Kentucky Derby. According to the studies, Twinspires TV stands to be one of the best online platforms with a very exciting and enjoyable online experience when it comes to racing. Through Twinspires TV you can catch all the live actions, watch all the race replays at any time while placing your Kentucky Derby winning wager in the comfort of your doorstep.

Direc TV Now

This is one popular streaming TV service that’s owned by one the greatest internet providers in the United States. Direc TV show has almost everything loaded into it. Talk of breaking news, sports events or any other TV services they are offered here. Importantly, the television has more than 60 channels and costs $35. When it comes to streaming Kentucky Derby, Direc TV is more than enough. It provides you with NBCSN, CNBC and more which bring you live events from wherever you are. With Direc TV show, if you signup and pay for 3 months you get a discount of $25/Mo.

PlayStation Vue

With the introduction of PlayStation Vue, the number of streamers has really increased. Additionally, many people have shifted from PlayStation to PlayStation Vue which is more effective. Importantly, PlayStation Vue is available on Amazon Fire TV, Windows, Android, IOS and many other platforms. Moreover, PlayStation Vue comes in 4 packages. The first package which is known as Ultra is just more than a Live TV. It also features TV shows, Movies. With only $39.99/Mo you are able to access a popular channel list which you can enjoy streaming up to 5 devices at the same time. As if not enough, the channels can help access full live updates of Kentucky Derby from Louisville, Kentucky, United States.

Hulu Live TV

This is another powerful streaming service that has recently introduced its Live TV service as a result of the increase in its user base. Hulu Live TV is a better option that can compete with other options due to its efficiency and convenience. Importantly, the service provider not only offers Live TV services but also the whole Hulu Streaming Library at a low price of $39.99. As if not enough, Hulu Live TV is customized with unlimited screens, Add-ons for Premium Network and advanced cloud-DVR. With Hulu Liv TV you are able to stream the Kentucky Derby from Louisville.

YouTube TV

This is actually a new service that has been introduced by YouTube. The service is just more like the Hulu Live TV. However, YouTube TV has a few limitations since there are some places in the US where it’s not available. Some of the advantages of YouTube TV include 6 accounts per household, unlimited Cloud DVR, 40+ Networks and importantly comes at a cheaper price of $35/Mo. Significantly, YouTube Red is actually part of the deal in the involved package.

How to watch Kentucky Derby 2019 without cable from anywhere?

When it comes to streaming without a cable, not all the places can be able to access the service. Some places are restricted while others have been frustrated with the service and sort other options. On that note, let’s look at some of the best options when it comes to watching Kentucky Derby without a cable from anywhere.

Use VPN to stream Kentucky Derby:

VPN is essentially a virtual private network that works by changing your geographical location using the selected IP address. From if NBC is in New York and you are Los Angeles, you just use a VPN to access its network.Let’s look at VPN works.

  • Start by choosing the most suitable streaming service that can perfectly serve your need.
  • Pick up a suitable VPN, always pick one that’s better for streaming and crucially safe
  • Do a number of tests and use the Express VPN results as the best VPN service 2019. Put in mind the security and speed of the streamers which are very important considerations when it comes to the subject matter.
  • Download and install VPN on your device.
  • Open VPN, put any location and then select a US IP address by tapping on it twice.
  • Be patient until a connection is established and the VPN id put on.
  • You can start streaming your Kentucky Derby channel by returning the streaming service.

Watch the Kentucky Derby Live with an Antenna and DVR

There is nothing frustrating more missing the live action of your favorite game. The Kentucky Derby is no different, missing the live action of this exciting 2-minute sports event can be really disturbing. You have to do anything possible to ensure you get the signal all the way from. One of the most effective ways of doing this is using cable cutters which ensures they catch every bit using an antenna and over-the-air-DVR. What basically happens is that the antenna receives signals from the broadcast channels such as FOX, CBS, ABC, and NBC. The signal is then broadcast over the air network and can be watched on your Television.

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Final Thought

With the above guideline, it’s undoubtedly that you won’t miss any live action when it comes watching Kentucky Derby. All the ways discussed above have been tested and found effective with regard to steaming a live event. With that said, now you will be able to watch Kentucky Derby without a cable.

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