Anthony Joshua vs Alexander Povetkin Full Fight Live Stream

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Anthony Joshua was originally billed to take on Deontay Wilder, but that epic battle has to wait until Joshua fights it out with Alexander Povetkin. The match is expected in September if the on the negotiation about it is to hold. This means that the match between Deontay Wilder and Joshua has to wait. It could take place sometime in February 2019.

Joshua is currently the champion for WBO, WBA and IBF, while Wilder on the other hand is the WBC champion. It was expected that a winner between the two would hold all the four belts.

Now that the NBA has ordered Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin match. The negotiation for the match is ongoing and it is expected to be done within in thirty days so that it does not exceed thirty days window. At least the organizers have one hundred and fifty days within which to organize that match. Until that match has taken place Joshua has been stripped of the power to take on any other challenger. It is expected that the match will attract global attention because it was of the heavy weight matches that are being awaited.

How to Watch Joshua vs Povetkin Live Online

The match will be available for fans across the globe once the match takes place. Apart from the conventional television channels, fans can watch the match live online. You can watch the match on the laptop, your desktop computer, as well as other mobile devices. The match will be available to these devices courtesy of Sky Go. In addition to that, the match will be available in Sky Sports app. This means that you can simply download the app to your android or iOS operating systems and begin to watch it live online.

The match is going to be available on TV Box as well as PS4, chromecast, Xbox 360, Xbox One, as well as LG smart television and Roku among other mobile online devices.You can equally watch the match through cable, and where it is not possible to use cable in your domain considers any of the cable alternatives to watch the match live. It is likely that HBO will be available for you to watch the match on their channels.

Furthermore, you can think of any of streaming channels where you can watch that match. One of such stream services includes the RingTV. There are many other streaming channels but many of them are not free and this means that you must pay before you watch the matches on these streaming channels.

Joshua vs Povetkin Live Streaming Tv Channel

There are many live streaming channels you can watch the match live. The best way to watch it legally is to pay for the streaming service and watch the match at the comfort of your home.Something was said about streaming channels earlier and one of the streaming channels to consider includes HBO and the RingTV.

You can watch the match live as well as the watch the pre-match analysis. Streaming channels are possible for those living in the US and a few other countries. This means that if you want to watch that match live and you are not in the US, you have to think of other alternative of watching the match live.

Many people will use proxy servers to watch that match. The advantage of a proxy server is that you can watch the match outside of the US. This is because the server will hide your location and use an acceptable server to approach HBO or other the official broadcasting station and watch the match. Proxy servers block any firewall.

Another alternative to the proxy server is VPN. This serves the same purpose as a proxy server and it will create the impression that you are within areas allowed to watch the match live.

In addition to that, the match will be available for you in the social media website and there are ways of watching the match live in these social media sites.

Joshua vs Povetkin free streaming

The match is not meant to be watched free. This means that you have to subscribe for a premium service before you can watch it. However, the internet has made it possible for you to watch the match free. But, you should know that it is an offence and if you are caught, it could be sanctions for that.

Since you can watch the match online through the various streaming services, it means that you have to explore the various ways of doing that and there are different ways of doing that.

Something was said about VPN service above. The use of VPN can help you access the matches because it would be assumed you are in America. Even the use of VPN might entail payment because HBO will not allow you to watch without subscribing.

The best way you can watch the match free is through the social media networking sites. Many social media subscribers would want their fans and follows to watch that match and this means that they will be showing to them free. You can research on the possible media sites that show that match live. Those beaming the matches to you free have paid the subscription fee and that is why you will not be required to pay again to watch the matches. Some of the social media sites that you can watch the matches include twitter, YouTube, Facebook and several others.

Sites like Reddit have channels for streaming such an important match free. It is a question of carrying out a search on the internet on those channels that can show the match free.

In the past, there used to nefarious streaming websites where such matches were telecast live. In the past, such sites like and did that, but these sites were taken down. There are other similar channels on the internet that show that match live and you can search and use them, but you should know the implications.

How to Joshua vs Povetkin PPV Streaming

If you want to enjoy the match, then you have to pay for streaming service. Various streaming services have their payment plans as well as methods of payment. It depends on your location. Not all the streaming channels are available for viewers outside of the US.

If you are in the US, Cable is one of the ways of watching the match for US fans. Subscribe for the cable network of your choice. These cable networks will subscribe through the official broadcasters of the match.If you do not want to use cable to watch the match, then you can try any of the online alternatives.

DirectTV has a lot of sports channels where you can watch the match. Using the channels are not free, you have to make payment. Most of them are pay per view. Compare the cost and make your choice.

Sling is another alternative and it works like DirectTV. They provide box live event. The charge they make for their services vary and you can always make your choice.

HBO is another way of watching the match. At least a week before the match HBO will comment on the fight.

Pay per view old method is still the most efficient way of viewing the fight live. The payment most of the time can be done online and packages are available from where you can make a choice of the package you want to pay.

If you reside outside the US, you can still pay for the service and watch the match. There are cable channels in these countries that can beam the fight live. Some of them will also rely on the social media site to watch that fight. Viewers outside have to research on the best alternatives to watch Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin live.

How To Watch in worldwide Joshua vs Povetkin Fight Live Stream Free

If you reside outside the US and you do not want to miss the fight, there are different alternatives available for you. It is certain that you will not watch the fight in the television because you will not access it. You have to rely on your computer and a fast internet connection to watch the fight live. If your computer has a Wi-Fi capability, you can watch it.

Look for sites that beam the fight live and signup with such sites. A website like can show that fight live. There are several other websites.

You can also try such other site like and watch the fight. You will enjoy watching the fight in the network because it is a broadband internet connection. All that you need to do is to select channels showing the fight and subscribe to it. There are different channels, subscribe to channels of your choice.

Some of the sites that show the fight have software specific for them. You should simply download the software and install it on your laptop.

Viewers in UK and some other western countries can watch the fight through BoxNation. It is a subscription service.

With social media sites, the problem of geographic location is completely done away with and the sites you can watch that fight live. If you are a fan or a follower of one of the boxing fans, he can subscribe and air the fight live for the followers. Opportunity exists for those outside the US to watch Anthony Joshua and Alexander Povetkin fight.

Joshua vs Povetkin Kodi streams

Fans can actually watch the fight through Kodi channels. Kodi is not readily available in all parts of the globe, but if you were in countries like America, Canada and even Russia, chances are there that Kodi will show the match and this means that you can watch it in the channel. However, for those outside America and those countries Kodi does not cover, they can watch it through VPN services.

Kodi addons work very well in those areas of the world where Kodi is restricted, and it can be done through a proxy server just as you can do with channels within America.

You do not bother yourself with Kodi network, if you are within the United Kingdom. This is because there are other channels available for you to watch that fight. PPV is one of the ways of watching it for those in the United Kingdom.

Kodi box is always the major channels of watching the fight. With the box, you do not require any proxy or VPN connection to watch it as you can watch it right from the box. With your operating system, you can watch the fight through Kodi system. The system works in such operation systems like androids, iOS, fireStick, Mac as well as Chromecast and so on.

With Kodi addons, you can connect to any convenient online channel and watch it in your computer, laptops, and other mobile devices. Kodi plugins can work in some sports channels such as NBCSN, Fox Sports Go, ESPN, MLBTV, NBS league Pass and several other channels. Wherever you are located, with the Kodi addons and plugins, you will be able to watch the fight live. This is because the plugins can connect you to many sports channels across the world and once the fight is aired in those channels, it can be beamed to you live in the bedroom.

Kodi is going to break the geographical barriers that prevent you from connecting to the major television channels across the globe, especially the official broadcast station. You are going to bypass those barriers with ease. It makes several channels possible and it is a question of making your choice.

How to watch Joshua vs Povetkin through social media channel

YouTube and other social media channels are making it possible for users to watch different kinds of programs on the internet. Social media is a blessing because you get linked to a major event that happens in any part of the world and you can watch that event as it happens. Forthcoming Joshua and Povetkin fight is not going to be different. It is expected that social media sites will provide the channels for many people to watch that fight live. These media channels work in different ways, and if you have account many of the channels, then chances are there that you can watch it in multiple channels.

The importance of watching it live in social media is that most of them will bring it to the end users, which are the final consumers free. Usually social media fan or member must have paid for the subscription and decide to make a channel in the social media where it will be aired live at the same time it is aired on television.

Some subscribers could be beaming the match straight from HBO or other official broadcasters of the fight. Check different social media channels and find out how that option can work for you.


Facebook is a very popular social media channel. Millions of people visit the Facebook site every day. Because of that, it is used for different purpose. The medium is used to market different kinds of products.

Many people will like to use the fight to attract millions of fans to their Facebook fan page. The best way they can do that is to stream the fight live in their Facebook fan page and invites their followers to watch the match. This is an opportunity for thousands of viewers from different part of the world to watch that fight live. It creates a great marketing opportunity and many marketers will grab that opportunity.


Twitter has become very popular in recent years. The numbers of users have doubled in recent years and it has become the major instrument of communication. With the twitter handle or twitter app, you can watch the fight live.

Just as in the case of Facebook, many people are now using twitter to promote their business. If you subscribe or you are a follower of any of the box enthusiast, the chances are there that such a person can pay for the fight and beam the live video for his followers to see.

It is possible that several twitter channels could be airing the fight and it will be a great opportunity for many people in other parts of the world to watch that fight free. You can begin now to explore those twitter subscribers that are boxing fans and follow them. This could be an opportunity to watch that important fight of the year live.

Joshua vs Povetkin Reddit Stream

There is no doubt that Reddit will have several channels where the match will be aired live. You can look for any of the channels. Some of the channels will not be available to you free. Many people will be willing to pay the fee and watch one of the greatest fights of the year.


As said before, YouTube is known for airing videos and it is certain that several live videos will be on the match day. The most important thing with the channel is that you can be watching the fight live in several channels. All you need is to discover the link and subscribe to it.

When and where is the Joshua vs Povetkin PPV Boxing Match Live?

Negotiations are ongoing as to when the match is going to take place but it is expected to be sometime in September which is just a few months away. The date that is talked about for the match is September 22 or 29 and the place is expected to be somewhere in London such as Twickenham, West Ham Stadium or Wembley.

Anthony Joshua Vs Alexander Povetkin Fight Live Stream Free

The fight, which will take place at Wimbledon stadium in England, is expected to attract a huge crowd. Final decisions about ticket are not yet taken but it is expected that it can generate more than fifteen million dollars. The last match involving Joshua at the same stadium attracted thousands of fans and this generated millions of dollars. It is expected that the match fixed for September 22, 2018, will generate many millions of dollars. The reason for that optimism is the position of the two heavyweight fighters in the boxing world. Both Povetkin and Joshua are great fighters and both have impressive records, and fans will like to see them fight it out.

Joshua is an English citizen and it is expected that many of the fans in the UK will like to see the fight live. Even those who will not like to watch the fight live will like to watch it in television and online stations and so on.
For Joshua who is likely to engage another challenger in the same stadium, it will be an opportunity for him to satisfy his local fan base. He is afraid that he may not make enough money in the fight if two consecutives fights are fixed in the same place with a few months interval.

The final figure for the ticket is not yet known. It is expected that the ticket prices will vary ranging from forty pounds to sixty pounds, eighty pounds, one hundred pounds, as well as one hundred and fifty pounds and so on. It can even reach up to two thousand pounds. Two thousand pounds will be for VIPs. This is a speculative figure; the official ticket price tag is not yet released.

It is not yet clear whether the ticket price will affect another fight fixed for him in the same stadium in April 13 of 2019.

Final worlds

This match promises to be the greatest event of the year. Many fans in the world are looking forward to the great event. Opportunity exists for you to watch the fight from all parts of the world.