How to Watch Masters 2019 Live Online [Ultimate Guideline]

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The ground is leveled for the giants on golf to hit the ground rolling in the first of the four annual majors, Masters 2019 tournament on 5th to 8th April in ​Augusta National Golf Club Georgia, United States. It’s one of the four major championships in professional golf with PGA tour, European tour, Japan Golf Tour as the major. The Ultimate prize as $11,000,000 that has left every adversary on his or her heels to double his or her efforts significantly… Am sure you would do the same. Fans are itching to partake in the action of their golf idols definitely not actively but passively.

To watch the likes of Rury mcllroy, Tiger Woods, Sergio Garcia, Rickie Fowler and Adam Scott is an understatement to be called a treat its mind blowing. The experience leaves an intrigued image in the minds of golf die-hards throughout the globe. To reach the official venue is near impossibility for all fans at least some have to explore other options. This is where the live backing comes into their rescue, (the next best preferable option on table).

Amidst the four majors, Masters Tournament distinctly holds the smallest fields. The golfing giants that met the cut point for this anticipated globe event total to 80 players a decline from the previous year’s 93 golfers. The seven thousand four hundred and thirty five yards will have a total of 18 holes per 72 score shots with the longest hole set to have 5 shots for its 575 yard length- the Pink Dogwood.


​Masters Tournament 2019 Overview
Dates: April 5-8.
Time: Noon ET / 5 p.m. BST
​Where: ​Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, Ga.
​TV: ​ESPN (U.S.), Sky Sports Golf (UK)
​Live Stream: ​Watch Here


Masters 2019 TV Coverage

It will be aired by various means but majorly CBS Sports, as well you can watch the much anticipated golf tournament online without a cable, if you miss out on the chance to secure a ticket via your devices e.g. smart phones. Catch the live broadcast of the first phase of the tournament aired on Thursday and Friday on ESPN and the last phase on Saturday and Sunday on CBS. The few numbers of official broadcasters and their un detachability from cable networks necessitated second hand options like watching without cables. Skinny bundles have seen to it.

How to Watch Masters Live Online?

Use of cables is a ready option for those with accessibility to it. Conventional cable network have the advantage of offering wide range of channels delivered over the cables. On the other hand DirecTV now is amongst the best skinny bundles available with the bundle that offers the masters tournament at $60 rechargeable monthly without necessarily having a cable. This is mostly exploited in the Caribbean countries and most part of Europe

Watch Masters Live without Cable

The reason online accessibility without a cable has become a tangible reality is the delivery of the broadcast over the internet and not cord infrastructure. The introduction of kodi soothes the streaming. For the golf broadcast install the best add-on in kodi 17 and 16. It has the absolute best platform to stream golf videos and show cases other presentations.

As well the widely used You tube will not be left out on bringing the same to air. You tube TV has over the years evolved rapidly and its efficiency has obviously gone global. Its speed ignites viewers to explore it among their first options. It therefore offers both accesses to CBN and EPSN hence not a glimpse of masters coverage is left to chance. You tube has an added advantage of offering access to all the broadcast networks. The quality of its videos inspires awe and with the same measure confidence in most users if not all, giving all the more reason to try it if you have access to the same.

Media streaming services

Fubo TV

Fubotv is a sports centric internet TV. It becks billow of world’s popular sports and entertainment that offers access to not only national but global networks through smart phones, computers, tablets and other relevant electronics devices. Initially it was set out to major on soccer only but has lately expanded its wings to almost all sports with golf not being any different. Fubo TV subscription presents a platform for live access to CBS hence a chance to be part of the fans. Most especially the last phase of the tournament. It is a rechargeable package of $39.99 on a monthly basis.

Sling TV

In case you have the luxury of Sling TV subscription or other ways of streaming the first phase of the tournament on ESPN you might need an even better way of streaming the second and last phase of the tournament on CBS which is through CBS all access. It’s chargeable but allows access to live broadcast all round the clock. All access charges are $5.99 a month or $9.99 a month without the advertisements. Most probably one of the affordable ways of acquiring the packages with golf channel option. Synonym with other streaming services, it offers a week trial for new clients. Time it right and you might just enjoy the luxury of Master tournament event without spending a coin.

Hulu live TV

Hulu live tv is a part of the skinny bundle. It can as well be used to air the tournament especially after its popularization that came about after airing its video on demand service. It comes with a package of 60+ channels inclusive of golf channel at an affordable cost of $39.99 monthly.

​PlayStation Vue

Play station vue is held with even high esteem and prestige and without over emphasizing it kindles awe even among the very best of the skinny bundles. An even better news is that it works on every device so you don’t have to buy the play station if you don’t want to or rather if it financially constraints you. The bundle that will take over the tournament broadcast goes for a minimal of $44.99 on a monthly basis.

Use VPN to stream Masters 2019:

​VPN is another of the many platforms that a user can sign up for to access the channels through which the broadcast can be streamed. It’s quite easier than its sounds, simply create an account, and install the application on your gadget e.g. laptops, tablets, iphone and make sure it’s linked to the country’s server to get all the channels of various countries. Express VPN offers super high quality pictorials but most importantly has an option for golf channel through which the tournament can be viewed.

​Masters Tournament 2019 ​Live Online (Additional Guidelines)

On the other hand you can enjoy the grand tournament on apple tv, Fire tv, Ruku or chrome cast. PGA tours events consist of new winners striving to break even and make it big in golf. A total of 14 golfers have qualified this season for example Patrick Cantlay, Wesley Bryan and others.

The option of purchasing the tickets goes without saying. For die-hards of golf to be physically present will go a long way in motivating their golf players and certainly quench the burning itch among fans to see the best of the best outdo each other in the leveled ‘battle’ field. Obviously feeding their insatiable love for the world known sport. In addition to the above, it leaves an encrypted image of how the champion will work his way to the top of the competition after outdoing all his adversaries in the hearts of its fans.

Sony LIV colluded with EPSN and currently it broadcasts on behalf of EPSN in Asian sub-continent. Sony might have the upper hand of streaming the master tournament solely, though no official confirmation has been issued yet.

Golf fans need to relax their muscle on the held breath of which options to seek on the live broadcast of the Master tournament event as golf channel will offer live streaming globally. They will stream live on their official website. The eager fans keep a close look on the pages online to get news updates on the various sites that will give them an even better streaming of the tournament

Aside from these above discussed streaming channels and websites, social media platforms like facebook, twitter (@themasters, Instagram (@themasters) will open pages to view the Masters 2019. Regular updates of the grand event as it progresses are an invitation for viewers to keep their eyes glued on the devices always.

Golf has come a long way and to refute this is an undeniable evidence of ignorance in the sport. It has taken measured steps over the years but not failing to evolve positively throughout the period. With organization of various events like master tournament 2019 and others before, one can only say the future is promising. The event will see untried golfers put their skills or rather abilities in the sport to test. This adds to the difficulty of predicting the most probable winner and hence the enthusiasm of watching the game at all.

Notably the past five years have had different winners for each thus making the competition even more real. To think of dominating the golf lead is until now a mystery that cannot merely remain a thought but an effort to prove it will add to the fans confidence in the same. What more could one expect than a building pressure and anxiety among the golfers and fans alike in this year’s tournament? More surprises are to be expected in this year’s tournament. With luxurious access to online streaming, the tyranny of distance has evidently been reduced by a mere press on some few buttons. Thanks to technology and to be precise, internet connectivity.

Despite the wavering approval rights of Sky sports to televise the Master tournament by BBC, Sky sports managed to cling to their rights. It promised an exclusive on the event giving a proper coverage without a minute miss. The first phase will mostly involve practice rounds par three contest.

With all these advantages to the excited viewers, the grand event is likely to receive enormous support across the globe like no other. Fans might remain glued to their devices most of the time. With much await some stars in golf are expected to make a come-back. In this event we sure can’t all expect the same ending which makes the challenge more exciting. With every tick on the clock the fans excitement grows whilst the golfers pressure to perform builds up. This will surely go down in history of world sports and it is every player’s dream to live his name a permanent part of it. This cannot happen without putting a spirited fight to outshine his opponents and to set un marched record.

Every golfer will take a calculated shot knowing it could turn around his entire life if hit correctly. Fans too will watch every shot withheld breath and supper excitement to see it score and add to their favorite player’s points. What a fascinating sensation to those who are up for a little challenge? Some might see it quite differently though, why get your stomach strained to the veins with a held breath clinging to the hope of not losing only to get disappointed at the very last second? The significance of this Grand event cannot be put to words without exaggerating.

This event has major sponsors like Mercedes-Benz has designed hashtag for the tournament namely #perfect drive. This year’s tournament marks the eighty second master golf tournament in the golf record. With all these preparation laid mostly financially but as well physical labor the that sees the venue ready adds to the hope of success of the tournament. Even technically the event is set.

The prize of the winner is not only to secure a chance in the corridors of golf history but he or she gets $1,980,000 and the untold recognition globally. They also secure a place on the headline of different pages internationally. Some golfers will be defending their championship for example Rory Mcllroy, Dustin Johnson, Justin Thomas who are world renowned golf legends. Many cannot wait to see them kick to action in the historic stadium in Georgia. In 2017 Sergio Garcia beat Justin Rose marking his first victory in the career but definitely a good start.

​In conclusion the tenure of the master golf tournament 2019 is set. With all the technological efficiency laid the world will be watching from the comfort of their home or desks and lucky fans at the cost of their pockets but the entertainment is refreshing for the fans and players alike.