How much is the Oscars award winners prize money

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What is Oscar’s prize money? Many people will like to know the benefits that these winners and awardees go home with. Many things accompany this prestigious award. It is going to confirm that you are a star. Apart from that, other fantastic things that accompany it and here are some of them. Academy award winner can get a number of incentives apart from the Oscar swag bag, which is estimated to be around $232,000 or more than that.

Several items are available in the bag and here are the lists of some of the items you are expected to find there:

Awardees can get Haze vaporizer, and the market worth is $250. Other items include personalized M&Ms. The worth of the item is about three hundred dollars. In addition, the winner can get as much as ten thousand meal donations. This is in the awardees name. The donation is for rescue work and animal shelter. This is item could cost up to six thousand, three hundred dollars.

Furthermore, the nominee could get a lifetime benefit of Pu-erh tea cream and cleaning bar. The estimated cost of the items is $31,200. Furthermore, the beneficiary will get up to one year worth of car rentals. The cost of this is $45,000. Most importantly, the winner can have a ten-day trip to Israel and this is always paid for. This can cost fifty five thousand dollars. There will also be a tribute video service, which could cost about one hundred and twenty five dollars. The winner will have a benefit of 15 day walking tours at the cost of $54,000 to Japan as well as ten personal training sessions with Alexis Seletzky, which is worth $900. There are several other fantastic benefits, which await Oscar award winners.